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Austen is a main protagonist in Always Human. She is Sunati's girlfriend. She is unable to use mods because of Egan's Syndrome.


Debut appearance

Austen has long, red hair with a fringe. She has amber eyes. Her skin is caucasian with freckles.


Austen looks the same, but her hair is in a pixie cut.


Austen's hair is to her shoulders.


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Austen is Sunati's girlfriend. They care about and love each other very much.

When Sunati first saw her, she thought she was plain and wondered why she didn't wear fashion mods. As time went on, Sunati started admiring her more for being brave enough to be modless in public.

E1 Austen runs

Austen cries after telling Sunati that she can't use mods

The first time they met, Sunati offered Austen a hayfever mod. Austen cried, saying that she couldn't use mods, and ran to the bathroom.Sunati wanted to comfort her, but she could tell that Austen wanted to be alone. When Austen was in the bathroom, she scolded herself for acting stupid in front of Sunati, calling her "cute".

The next time they met, Austen apoligized for being stupid and Sunati apoligized for assuming that Austen can use mods. Sunati ask her on a date. Austen declined at first, saying that she barely knew her, but Sunati argued that people go on dates to know each other. After Austen made sure Sunati wanted to know about her and not her condition, she agreed.

Sunati and Austen second kiss

Sunati and Austen kiss on their second date.

Sunati and Austen were very nervous on their first and second date. Sunati wanted to kiss her badly. On their second date, Sunati said that she genuinely thought that her freckles were beautiful, though Austen disagreed. Sunati said that her freckles remind her of the stars in the beautiful night sky and leaned in to kiss Austen, then pulled away in embarassment. It was awkward after that, but Sunati thought it was a nice sort of awkward. Austen took her to a desert that looks similar to Mars, knowing Sunati always wanted to visit Mars. Sunati kissed her and said it was beautiful.
Austen yells at Sunati

Austen, frustrated, demands Sunati to leave.

Sunati doesn't want her well-being to be a burden on Austen. She demonstrates this hugely twice in the comic, the first one being when she doesn't tell Austen about her birthday unless she says she's fine about her exams. Sunati, trying to be supportive, tells Austen that she knows she will do great on her exams because anyone who doesn't use fashion mods in public is brave to her. Austen gets mad, asking, "What's brave about not having a choice?" and saying that Sunati is interested in a girl that doesn't exist. She demands a guilty Sunati out of her room and Sunati sits outside by her door, glum. Austen cries to herself and tells herself that now's not the time to focus on this. They eventually reconsile.

When Austen finds out that Sunati's birthday was on the day she yelled at her, she feels extremely guilty and tells Sunati not to keep secrets like this from her. Sunati promises.


  • Austen's debut appearance is based on Asami from The Legend of Korra and Sapphire from Steven Universe.[1]
    • Both Asami and Sapphire have long hair and lighter skin than their romantic partner, like Austen's debut appearance.
  • Austen looks similar to Wisteria from Walkingnorth's second webcomic, Aerial Magic.


  1. "When I was designing them I was very much in love with Korra and Asami (from Legend of Korra) and Ruby and Sapphire (from Steven Universe)"
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