"I guess that's why I admire her" is the first episode of Always Human. It aired alongside "Well that sucks". It was split into two parts for having different soundtracks.


Part 1

Blushing Sunati next to Austen

Sunati, next to the girl she admires, blushes.

Sunati describes a girl she sees at the train station often who doesn't seem to wear fashion mods. She admires her for being brave enough to have such a natural look for so long. Sunati says she is not that brave and wished she had an excuse to say hello.
E1 Austen runs

The girl, upset, runs from a guilty Sunati.

Austen sneezes, so Sunati uses this as her chance. She offers her a hayfever mod, but the girl tears up.

Part 2

The girl says she can't use nods and she'll always be boring, ordinary, and human. The girl goes to the bathroom, crying. Sunati wanted to tell her that she's beautiful, but she could tell the girl wanted to be alone, so she watched her leave.


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