General Rules

  • The punishment for breaking a rule is a warning, which can add up to bans. Note that some rules will have more than one warning, which will be specified on this list. The following is how the banning system works:
5th warning 3 day ban
8th warning 1 week ban
10th warning 1 month ban
11th warning Infinite ban
  • You are not allowed to have an account and edit if you're under 13 years old.
    • If you are found to be under 13 with an account on this wiki, your account will be banned until you are of age.
  • Do not argue with, insult, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users. Sexism, racism, or any other forms of discrimination are not tolerated.
    • Breaking this rule will result in two warnings.
  • General swear words are allowed, however if they are used excessively or harmfully then you will receive a warning.
  • Don't discuss or share any sexually explicit content.
  • If you encounter a user breaking a rule, please notify an active admin on their message wall. Don't confront the user yourself.

Editing Rules

  • Follow the general rules
  • No editing wars
  • Don't add unrelated content to articles
  • Do not "edit boost", "fluff edit", "badge game" or make any other meaningless, small edits to increase your edit count.
  • Do minimal plagiarism. If you want to say the same thing as another website or page, change the way you say it. Contrary to what others think, plagiarizing another wiki counts as plagiarism.

File Rules

  • Follow the general rules
  • A file must be used somewhere on the wiki. Unused files will be deleted.
    • This rule generally doesn't have any punishments, though uploading over 10 unused files will result in a warning. Continuation of this behavior would result in more warnings.
  • Talk to an admin before changing an infobox photo.
  • Images unrelated to Always Human or Walkingnorth cannot be posted on articles.
    • If you have an unrelated image, categorize it in "Unrelated images"
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