"Well that sucks" is the second episode in Always Human


Episode 2 Luna

Luna explains Egan's Syndrome to Sunati.

Sunati sits on the couch at her house. She asks Luna, her interface bot, why the girl was not able to use mods. Luna asks how old she is and Sunati says that she was probably about a year younger than her. Luna asks if the girl is pregnant and she exclaims no, so Luna suggested that the girl used too many mods in the last 49 days which means she has to take a break per government policy. Sunati denies this, saying that the girl didn't seem to ever use mods and asks if there are people who can't use mods. Luna says yes and it was called Egan's Syndrome, where the immune system rejects the nanobots used to transfer mods.

Sunati thinks about how lucky she is and how she would fail highschool without memory mods. Sunati realizes that the girl is always reading so she can study the old-fashioned way, and admires her for that.

The next Friday, Sunati sees the girl again. She starts getting anxious and theh girl asks if they can talk for a bit.


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